They trust us


Our customers trust us and we support them in the management and realization of:

  • done strategic projects,
  • done IT projects,
  • doneregulatory compliance projects,
  • done training.

We are recognized for our expertise in banking and insurance on complex topics in various fields such as front-office / middle / back-office, accounting, reconciliation, regulatory compliance, etc.
This expertise allows us to intervene in other sectors of activity such as leasing, public entities or editors.

Areas of intervention & sectors of activity

Regardless of the sector of activity of our clients and as a partner, our mission is to provide advice, assistance and support to help manage IT & Business projects



For more than 10 years, we have been advising clients of prestigious banks in Luxembourg around various banking professions, namely: 

  • done retail banking,
  • done private banking,
  • done corporate banking,
  • done investment banking.

Our expertise allows us to operate on complex topics such as:

  • done Front, middle and back office related to order-placing activities,
  • done Accounting & reconciliation of accounting and financial operations,
  • done Financial reporting,
  • done Bank payments on several types of network: Swift, VisaNet, Mastercard, etc.
  • done AML, KYC and transaction filtering,
  • doneDigitalization of customer offers,
  • done Regulatory compliance: Fatca, Aeoi, DLI, ESG, PSD2,
  • done Management of products such as Documentary Credits, Documentary Collection, Negotiable instrument and Deductions,
  • done Applications development,
  • doneImplementation support for tribe credit.

We adapt seamlessly to the technological environment used by each of our customers. We work with packages such as MUREX or CALYPSO as well as computer systems developed in-house.

For example, we have successfully achieved:

  • done Relocation of a Forex trading desk (from scoping to delivery),
  • done Full migration of a front to back office from Olympic to an internal tool for treasury management,
  • Murex Version upgrade.



With one of our partners, an insurance agent in Luxembourg, we have been able to successfully support our clients’ transformation.

We work in the following areas:

  • donenon-life insurance,
  • doneretail life insurance,
  • done FPS (Freedom to Provide Services),

Our expertise allows us to work on various topics such as:

  • done Implementation of new regulations: IDD, AEOI, Solvency II, Priips, AML,
  • done Management of a test team,
  • doneAssets and liabilities,
  • doneImplementation of customer scoring and transaction filtering,

  • doneActuarial work,
  • done Digitalization of the customer journey.

We adapt seamlessly to the technological environment used by each of our customers. We work on packages like Solife as well as on applications developed in-house. We have successfully achieved: 

  • done Handling of the implementation of a new liability management tool,

  • done Version upgrade of Clarity, project and resource management tool.

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With our expertise in:

  • done project management,
  • done business analysis,
  • done technical analysis,
  • done test,
  • done digital

We are able to work on these areas:

  • done leasing,
  • donesoftware publishing,

We have successfully achieved: 

  • done Support of a client in the realization of regulatory calculations on complex financial products,
  • doneImplementation of new regulations such as FATCA, etc.

Responsiveness and advice !

MCD TEAM provides support for the implementation of the best digital transformation solutions for your business challenges